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Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd. is a well known private detective agency in India. The agency has a reputation for carrying robust investigation and giving terrific result. We have a team of highly-qualified detectives carrying out espionage secretly. Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd. does not reveal the identity of our clients as we respect and know the importance of their privacy and secrecy. Maintaining clients confidentially and sanctity the agency has achieved high level of proficiency and have gained large clientele in domestic and international arena.

                Delhi Detectives

Private Detectives Agency in Delhi  

                Delhi Detectives

Private Detectives Agency in Delhi  

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The Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd. is proud in saying that it has twenty years of experience as a detective’s agency India and handling crucial case with professionalism. The demand for private detectives is in demand in Indian society due to rise in figures of cheating cases in most matrimonial. So, not to fall an easy prey, people are hiring detective agencies with huge amount of experience in the field. In the present scenario economic growth has led to the increase of crimes and unwanted social elements of the society.

Branches in Delhi and Across India

The agency is distinguished in carrying out investigation in Delhi. Our detectives are not only trained for carrying out surveillance in capital but throughout the country. That’s why we have offices in Bombay, Calcutta, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Pune, Shimla, Patna, Assam (north east office).

Overseas Presence

We offer excellent service as private detectives and that’s why we are a preferred brand globally. Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd. are offering services in countries such as London, Birmingham, New York, Berlin, Washington, Paris, Melbourne, Sweden, Dubai, Singapore, Colombo, Shanghai, Bangkok and other major cities. Presence in so many countries shows caliber and quality the agency posses. This quality put the detective agency way ahead from their competitors.

Women Detectives

We The agency has a team of highly trained and well-qualified women detectives. These female detectives play a vital role while carrying out espionage when chasing female subjects in mostly ladies special coaches and public transport. These female detectives play a crucial role while carrying out investigation in extra martial affairs and in post and pre matrimonial detectives.

Corporate Investigation

The agencies is well-equipped to offer services catering to diverse needs such as Corporate Investigation, Pre- matrimonial Investigation, Post- Matrimonial Investigation ,Employment Verification, ,Surveillance Investigation, Divorce Case Investigation and more.

The agency is specialized in carrying out corporate investigations and offers a wide range of service affecting their various aspects of their operation. Our private detectives are equipped to carry out corporate investigation such as Pre and Post Employment Verification, Labour Court Cases and Legal Support, Background Search, Competitors Investigated
and more.
The agency is actively involved in carrying investigation services to multinational companies and dealing in high profile corporate cases. Our detective agency in Delhi provides services to companies not only in India but in other countries such as States, Europe, Australia, middle and south Asian countries.

Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation

Our highly qualified team of detectives in Delhi is known for carrying out pre and post matrimonial investigation. In pre matrimonial we carry background check of the prospective bride and groom, family background, financial background, criminal record and more. With growing social networking site and website people are not getting enough chance to know each other. Therefore, growing demand of private detective to carry out investigation related to pre- matrimonial investigation. People are not hesitating and for knowing all the minute details, they are actively taking the help of private detective agencies whether in Delhi and India.

In post-matrimonial our private detectives carry out investigation regarding to extra martial affairs, adultery, suspected activities and more. The growing rate of divorce cases in Indian society mostly due to the extra martial affair is on increasing. The figures are alarming in big cities like Delhi and other metropolitan cities. We are a detective agency in India specialized in carrying out post and pre matrimonial investigation in Delhi and through India.

With the visionary leadership of Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, (Director) of the company, has more than 20 years of experience in carrying out the private investigation in India. The agency is equipped with the team of highly experience experienced officers. All our detectives’ officers’ are disciplined and bounded with work under the well built management of the agency. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services for the clients. The Services include private investigation, confidential investigations such as Pre-Matrimonial, Post-Matrimonial, Pre-Employment, Post-Employment, Individual Profile, Surveillance, Under Cover operation, Divorce Case, Love affair, Missing Person, Frauds, Cheating, Handwriting Verification, Theft & Burglaries, Business & Market Survey, Tracing Individuals & Companies, Competitors Intelligence & Recovery.

Ascon Detective Network Pvt. Ltd. continuous hard work of twenty years has carved out a name for itself not only in India but worldwide.

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